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Resistance to Intra-European Imperialism

Return to the study portion of your Session Five homework, and refresh your memory of the content of the first four selections (Boudicca; Dancing in the Streets; Wanting to be Indian selections; Wales: the first & final colony). Consider this content now, from a different angle. The Welsh language still exists, despite hundreds of years of attack. Folk customs in many parts of Europe have maintained ancient forms of community celebration despite the repression described in Barbara Ehrenreich’s book. Boudicca and the Celts who banded together did not ultimately repel the Roman invasion, but neither did they passively submit to it.

For Session Five you considered these stories, and where you might see parallels in your own ancestry or family line, from the perspective of Harm Endured. This time around, consider them again from the window of Resistance in the face of this harm. 

  • What have you inherited from these struggles? 

  • What might you draw from them today? 

  • How would you like to honor or remember the fights for physical or cultural survival that some portion of your ancestors must have engaged in?


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