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Waking ourselves for the benefit of all.

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Roots Deeper Than Whiteness Participant Page

Welcome! This page is for registrants in our Fall, 2020 Roots Deeper than Whiteness course. Please do not share this page with anyone who is not registered for the course. You are welcome to share specific homework materials, but not the link to the page – which will include links to recordings as they become available.

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Homework Assignments: 

Important Information

Homework: Homework materials for all sessions will be posted below. Please allow 2-3 hours for homework per session. We ask that everyone engage with the study materials and reflection questions prior to each session. 

Recordings: Recordings of each live session will be available 2-3 days after it takes place. Links to these recordings will be posted at the top of the homework assignment for the corresponding session. Recordings, along with the participant page as a whole, will remain accessible through February 15, 2021 (three months after our final live session). After this, study materials will be mailed to you as a PDF and session recordings will no longer be available.

Have you visited the Logistics Page for the Course? Please allow 20 minutes to review this page and take the action steps outlined within it prior to the course. Applications for your personal zoom login must be submitted by the end of the day Saturday, October 3, in order to participate in the first live session (applications are approved manually, not instantly).

Supplemental Mini-Trainings


We are holding the following supplemental mini-trainings that you can take free of charge as part of this course. They are for course participants only. The first is on mindfulness meditation as a tool for emotional resilience and the second is on communicating effectively across lines of political difference. 

Mindfulness Meditation for Self Care & Resilience – with Byron Wild


Session Two Takes Place Oct 25, 4-5ET (1-2PT): Learn More & Register


Session One Recording (10/11): Video Recording / Audio Recording


If you have any questions or would like more information about joining Byron's free meditation group on Wednesdays, you can email him at

Hard Conversations with People We Love – with Andy McGuire


Session Two Takes Place Nov 7, 5-6:30 ET (2-3:30 PT): Learn More & Register

Session One Recording: View Here


Homework: View Assignment




Session One

Session One: Introduction & Cultivating Resilience

In the first session of the course, we will be getting to know one another, discussing the historical basis of white supremacy, and considering how to work with emotions in a way that builds resilience and supports effective action. Your homework assignment consists of materials for you to read (or watch), as well as reflection questions that address the corresponding themes. Please allow 2-3 hours per session for homework.

Session Recording (10/4): View Here

Chat Log: Read Here

Presentation Content: David's Slides


Study Materials:

​Working with Emotions & Caring for Ourselves


  • Fighting injustice can trigger trauma - we need to learn how to process it and take healing action – Kazu Haga (12-15 min read) Note: Kazu’s primary focus here is on building emotional and spiritual strength to carry out more effective protest and direct action. We want to also highlight that cultivating this type of inner strength is important when seeking to live a socially engaged life of any kind. We do not expect that everyone taking the course would be engaged in direct action, though certainly many of you may be.

If you're interested, check out Kazu Haga's new book "Healing Resistance" and his organization East Point Peace Academy.

Reflection Questions


  • How are you doing right now? How have you been impacted by the pandemic and corresponding economic crisis? By police brutality, BLM protests, and episodes of vigilante justice? By the fires, floods, storms and other collective traumas of our time? What support do you need, and how might you go about receiving it?

  • Have you experienced feelings of guilt or shame as it relates to racism or other problems in public life? Are these feelings productive for you, and do these readings in any way help you grapple with them?


Considering White Supremacy



Reflection Question:


  • How did this content impact you? Was any of the content new, or was it helpful to reflect on these things afresh? What a-ha moments arose for you while considering the historical development of white supremacy and white racial identity in the US? 

Session Two

Session Two: What Happened to Us?

Session Recording (10/18): View Here

Chat Log: Read Here

Presentation Content: David's Slides

Study Materials:

​"The Making of Whiteness"


Reflection Questions


  • How do these study materials impact your understanding of your own family history  (including your family's “coming to America” story)? What new forms of clarity do they create and what new questions do they bring up? How do you fit into this deeper historical story of racial socialization?

Divide and Rule in the Modern Era



Reflection question:


  • How does this content impact your understanding of the underlying drivers of injustice in our society today?

Optional Deeper Study: View this list of articles and videos if you would like to dive deeper into the themes of this session.

Session Three

Session Three: Stepping into a legacy of resistance & self-determination

Session Recording (11/1): View Here

Chat Log: View Here

Presentation Content: David's Slides

Study Materials:

​"The Other America"


Reflection Questions


  • Once you have read the Anne Braden quotes and gone through the other short clips, please take a moment to notice: How are you feeling in your body? What emotions are arising? What thoughts are arising?

  • You might want to take a few minutes to journal about your observations.

Political Analysis


Reflection Questions


  • What stands out from these three pieces?

  • Are any of these ways of looking at things new to you?

  • Do you have any questions that warrant further exploration?

Organizing stories and strategy


Reflection questions:


  • What stands out to you from these stories?

  • Do you feel a resonance with anything that either relates to work you are currently involved in, or might inspire work you want to do?

  • Do these stories give any insight into how the political analysis you just studied might play out in specific situations?

  • Do these stories inspire a shift (or further nuance) in how you might approach people you are in relationship with, want to build relationship with, or hope to influence?


Optional Deeper Study: View this list of resources if you would like to dive deeper into the themes of this session.

Electoral Action: If you have capacity to take action with regard to the November elections we strongly encourage you attend one of People's Action's Deep Canvassing Phone-a-thons in swing states or consider a volunteer opportunity from Daniel Jubelirer's "No Regrets" Guide to Taking Effective Action in the 2020 Election.

Session Four

Session Four: Taking Action

The final aspect of our “Roots Deeper than Whiteness” course involves carrying forward the legacy of multiracial resistance and deeply rooting ourselves in solidarity-based organizing today.


In the homework for our last session, we will dive further into this theme by: 

  1. Considering fundamental skills for stepping out of our bubbles and engaging in large-scale movement building;

  2. Reflecting on a number of specific issues that play a role in social change;

  3. Considering how we might join or further our engagement within a political organization. 


There are many avenues for creating social change, all of which are essential, and no one person can do everything. We encourage you to use this final portion of our course to reflect on the work you feel most called to do.

Session Recording (11/15): View Here

Chat Log: View Here

Study Materials:

​Organizing and Base-Building



Reflection Questions:

  • What stood out to you from these resources? 

  • Did anything you read, watched or listened to affect your perspective on how we organize for social change?

  • Do you feel inspiration or clarity about any work that you are doing or might want to do?


​Specific Areas of Focus


Please pick 3-4 of the topics below that interest you and look at the corresponding resources.


Electoral Organizing


Defund the Police


US Imperialism, Social Movements Abroad & International Solidarity


Indigenous Sovereignty

Rural Organizing, Classism & Addressing White Nationalism


Antitrust Legislation




Reflection Questions

  • What stood out to you from the resources you selected? 

  • Did anything you read, watched or listened to affect your perspective on the social change we need and/or how we might achieve it?

  • Do you feel inspiration or clarity about any work that you are doing or might want to do?


Joining an Organization


Reflection Question:

  • Are you an active member of a social change organization? If not, what have been the barriers to doing so and what might you need to overcome them? If so, is there anything you need to make your engagement more purposeful, impactful, and/or fulfilling? 

Post-Course Additional Resources

Resource List: View Here

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