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Begins July 14th | Radical Genealogy is a two-session online training with David that offers people of European descent (white or multiracial) genealogical research tools for connecting their individual family histories to the broader histories of racism, colonialism, capitalism, traditional culture, and political resistance that shaped our ancestors lives. 

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David Dean is a political educator, writer, and speaker seeking to support the growth of transformative alliances in our social movements – solidarity that undoes the centuries-long project of reactionary elites to divide and rule.


He gives particular focus to supporting white people to engage in multiracial movements with emotional strength, political clarity, and fierce purpose. David leads independent trainings and is also a contributor and former Associate Director at White Awake, a racial and economic justice education center where he has taught courses for more than 5000 people and trained activists throughout the country. 

David's forthcoming book, Roots Deeper than Whiteness: Remembering who we are for the well-being of all, is meant to help white Americans cultivate a rooted, anti-racist identity, based on a deeper understanding of their ancestry, that can drive their participation in efforts for collective liberation. To receive regular writing from David and learn about training opportunities with him, sign up for his newsletter, Toward Solidarity.

The banner photo above, taken by Jack Rottier, is from the 1968 Poor People's Campaign, Martin Luther King Jr.'s final cause that sought to unite the multiracial working class to stand against the interlocking evils of poverty, racism, and militarism.


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