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A newsletter offering tools to build the solidarity our social movements need to win.

Toward Solidarity is David's newsletter. It includes a monthly article from him to support readers to cultivate the political analysis, organizing skill, and inner strength needed to do the hard work of building solidarity across lines of race and other forms of difference. Articles may take the form of interviews with activist-scholars, windows into hidden histories of resistance, descriptions of specific forms of movement strategy, practices for emotional resilience in the work of social change, and more.

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Past titles have included:

  • Lessons from a forgotten multiracial movement in the Depression-ridden, Jim Crow South

  • Saviors, Allies & Comrades: Three stages of white political identity development

  • Solidarity for Survival: An interview with a scholar of solidarity-based strategy

This newsletter is written in response to the reality that we live in a society of divide-and-rule racial capitalism. The 99% has been stratified into a racial hierarchy (as well as other forms of social hierarchy), directing immense harm toward the most marginalized while weakening our collective capacity to challenge the corporate domination of all working people and the earth itself. If anything can save us, all of us, it is solidarity. Solidarity can be hard. It requires learning and unlearning. But it is liberatory. It is the very thing that we’ve been so aggressively dissuaded from by the powerful because it is the only thing strong enough to create the life-affirming world we so desperately need. It’s my hope that Toward Solidarity can expand your capacity to help bring this world to be.

Want to read a few past issues before subscribing? You can find some under the "selected articles" section of this page.

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