David facilitates many political education online courses with the organization White Awake that focus on the intersections of racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice. They offer activists opportunities to develop political direction and inner resilience for effective engagement in work for social change. This page will be updated as new course offerings become available. You can also sign up here to be the first to know about them when they arise.

Most frequently, David co-leads Roots Deeper Than Whiteness, an online workshop series largely based on an article he researched and wrote by the same title. The course has been taken by more than 1000 people thus far will next be offered in the fall of 2020. It is described below.

Roots Deeper Than Whiteness: Building emotional strength and political clarity for collective liberation

Course PreviewDavid Dean (with quotes from James Baldwin)

David co-created and co-facilitates Roots Deeper Than Whiteness with Eleanor Hancock, Executive Director of White Awake. This online course is for people socially classified as white who seek greater emotional resilience and political understanding in their work against racism and for a better future for all.

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The course centers the hidden histories of how our ancestors’ ethnic identities and liberatory politics were replaced with a false “white” racial identity designed to turn them against their allies of color and make them compliant with the agenda of the ruling class. Through reflection and embodied exercises, participants work together to replace feelings of shame or reactivity to the discussion of racism with resilience and knowledge of who they originally come from. From this rooted place, the course will support participants in developing action plans to integrate this learning and healing into their work for social change.

This workshop is designed to help you: 


  • Reduce shame as it relates to white guilt and/or reactivity around the topic of race and racism

  • Gain historical knowledge and political analysis that illuminates the role “white” people have been groomed to play within our capitalist system, and helps you carefully choose a different path

  • Develop deeper love, acceptance, and understanding of yourself and your ancestors, while gaining greater capacity to face the role white people have played in causing harm

  • Learn tools for resourcing yourself that can help you stay healthy and engaged in social change, and increase your capacity for effective alliances with indigenous people and folks of color

  • Develop an action plan that builds on the work of this class to support your engagement in social movements for the liberation of all.

"One of the things that most afflicts this country is that white people don't know who they are or where they come from."



The banner photo above, taken by Jack Rottier, is from the 1968 Poor People's Campaign, Martin Luther King Jr.'s final cause that sought to unite the multiracial working class to stand against the interlocking evils of poverty, racism, and militarism.